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How Does Hemp Extract Differ from Cannabis Extract

Everywhere you go, there are rising number of individuals who are talking about and writing blogs and articles about this particular plant, especially now that the government has legalized its dispensing as well as its use in several U.S. states. It is sad to note that most of these individuals are more perplexed and confused more than ever because of their discussions about this plant. These days, you can find lots of individuals who misconceived and mistakenly associate hemp extract with that of Cannabis extract. Can you identify how Cannabis extract differs from that of hemp extract? Continue reading this article should you want to learn more about the two plants and its difference.

In What Ways Does Cannabis Plant Differ from Hemp Plant?

Though, both plants are somewhat similar when it comes to its physical attributes, they differ significantly in terms of uses as hemp is utilized for medicinal purposes while Cannabis is for recreational uses.

How to Tell Them Apart?

Though, both plants came from similar species, Cannabis Sativa L, they differ significantly on how these are cultivated and grown.

Hemp plants are cultivated and grown in rows and each is plant two inches apart from each other and the stems shoot upwards and can grow taller than us when these plants are fully grown. These particular plants have hard, stiff and woody core, hence it would be challenging and difficult for us to walk through these plants. These plants are often grown outdoors to achieve maximum yields and size.

Moreover, Cannabis growers cultivated and grew these plants by giving them enough room from each other to provide them with sufficient space to bush out. You can even come across Cannabis farmers who planted each plant eighteen inches from another plant. Cannabis also have much lower branches, leaves as well as flexible and soft steams. Cannabis is very challenging and hard to grow simply because you need to furnish these plants with adequate humidity, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels as well as stable temperature and lighting. All these things are necessary for these plants to produce adequate THC levels.

There are also instances where the growers plant both Cannabis and hemp plants side-by-side to confuse the police authorities.

Knowing More of the Tetrahydrocannabinol Content of Hemp and Cannabis Plants

Cannabis plants contain very high THC levels as opposed to that of the hemp plants. THC is the attributing factor why Cannabis plants are addictive and produce that high effects on users.

On the other hand, hemp plants contain high Cannabidiol than the Cannabis plants. This is where hemp extract is taken for therapeutic purposes. Actually, hemp extract is famous for its ability to cure different kinds of diseases and ailments and these include cancer, seizures as well as anxiety. Other than using hemp plants in treating different ailments, these are also utilized in the production of different items such as paper, cardboard, rope, fabrics and bed sheets.