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Praxis Test Taking Tips

If you are looking to become a teacher, you will likely need to take a certification test. Since the Praxis exams are used by over 40 states to measure one’s capabilities, these will likely be the tests you take. Do not feel bad if you are nervous or unsure of how well you will do. Self confidence and proper preparation will carry you to your inevitable success. There are a few ways to help yourself do well on your exams. In this article, we will cover some useful tips to assist you in preparing for your Praxis exams.

The first course of action you will want to take is prioritizing your weaknesses when it comes to studying. The Praxis exams will cover a variety of topics. It is normal to be very strong in some subjects, and somewhat weak in others. The best way to combat this is to dedicate the majority of your studying time towards the subjects you are weakest in. Though this is not exactly ideal, it is essential that you do this. Getting a good score in one section and failing another will not balance out, as with others tests. Use your time wisely, so that you are ready to pass each and every subject.

Next, you will want to take advantage of the resources available to you. Practice exams and study guides can be found online and utilized at no cost to you. Though you may not have enough time to get through everything that is available, this is definitely something that will help you score well when it comes time to take the exams. The practice tests in particular will get you familiar with the layout of the tests and give you time to practice with relevant information. Look over the study guides and take the practice exams multiple times if you are able. Tutoring and on-demand prep programs can also be accessed, if you are willing to pay for them.

Lastly, make sure you take into account the fact that the Praxis tests differ slightly from other kinds of tests. Different sections of the test can be taken separately, which is hugely helpful. With this in mind, it might help you to take one section per day. Concentrating your efforts on one topic at a time can make the entire process much easier on your brain. Taking the easiest first and leaving the section most difficult for you until the rest is complete will give you more time to study for the subject you need the most help with. It is very important for you to take advantage of this aspect of the Praxis tests.

Becoming a certified teacher, and taking on all that comes along with the process, can be taxing. Use this as an opportunity to act out what you think your students should do when preparing for an exam given by you. It is likely you will do fine, but being extra prepared will not hurt. If you need additional help, to not be afraid to hire a tutor.

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