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Reasons Why Your Next Vacation Should Be In Vietnam

Following the famous American war, the Republic of Vietnam has in a great way gotten back to life, and it is full of hope. It is among the most visited countries in the continent of Asia. For the first time visitors, the country offers experiences that you would not think of and ones that are not easy to forget. You should feel challenged by the ideas below if you have not traveled to Vietnam.

The reception by the Vietnamese people will amaze you. It is no doubt that the inhabitants of this great nation are by far the best host you have ever come across. The country’s population is about eighty-six million. The country has 50 different cultural groups. You will not have enough time to have a taste of each different cultural experiences. The country has a sufficient cultural heritage for its tourists. The unique and sweet dishes are very pleasant experiences for the tourist. You cannot help to enjoy traveling by bikes and bicycles.

The different means and modes of transport crucial in any destination are available all over Vietnam. You will find that even airlines are promoting traveling to Vietnam by offering pocket-friendly airfares. The country is also well connected with all weather roads to most of the destination. For that tourist who likes using the rail, it is also available in the country. The use of motor boats and cruise ship is also available as the country has a coastline. Despite the many international airports, the country has very many airstrips where small crafts can land. In the accommodation sector, there are a lot of clean, classy and many hotels near all the touristic sites all over the country.

The nation has many destinations for tourist more than you can think of. You will first land in the city of Hanoi. Hanoi takes pride of the Buddhist pagodas, great lake dynasty temple, heritage monuments, French villas and much more. Ha Chi Minh is a neighboring city of Hanoi. The city is the largest currently, and it is located right beside the great river of Saigon. The next destination to travel is the Cat Ba Island. The mountainous island is the major tourist destination. Taking a holiday and not going to Ha Long Bay will not sound very nice. Unlike the busy Hanoi City, the Ha Long Bay offers the tourist the leisure and recreation opportunities. Other activities that you may also experience in Vietnam includes; underwater diving in Phu Quoc island, kite surfing in Mui Ne, trekking in Sapa and a lot more.