My Personal Favorite, Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa)

Roman S. JulianFirst and foremost is “amazing” is the basic description of this wonderful plant. It is a tree that can reach up to the heights of 3 to 25 meters tall. It can easily be recognized because of its lush leafy structure. It can be found in the wooded areas in Asia and it falls under many names such as Mambog, Ketum, Kakuam, Ithang, and Thom. It is mainly dependent on what country you live in.

Second is the origin of this tree that came about the usage and benefits it gives. This has origins in Thailand and the use of this plant like any other herbs dates to centuries back. This tree can also be found in Malaysia, Indonesia, Burma and is getting popular. As an herbal drug Kratom, leaves are used and several strains of Kratom are now available in the market, and people will generally find kratom for sale online. It carries a different name because it is dependent on where it came from, whether in Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia. The ones that come from Bali, tend to have a relaxant effect. The ones from Thailand have long lasting effects. Kratom from Malaysia have almost a similar strain with the ones coming from Bali.

The third thing you should know about it is the medical research that Kratom has a lot of benefits. It contains tryptamine, alkaloids, 7 hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. These constitutes to the pain reliever effects and some sedative effects that are stimulating. Another is staving off exhaustion- that is why it is being used by Thai workers to boost energy levels. It has been studied that it stimulates the Opioid receptors. The effect of Kratom on laborers are profound that it created a great yearning for work. Energy levels as mentioned earlier are amazingly very high that it can sustain a worker the entire day. It is also an analgesic for minor pains. In some cases, these are given to newly married couples to aid them in their sexual encounter. It is believed that it can heighten the sexual desire in women. Not only will the men benefit but also the women because this fixes problems of erectile dysfunction. Other therapeutic claims are it aids as anti diarrhea and considered a cough suppressant.

How about the legal status of Kratom? This herb is illegal in countries like Thailand, Denmark, Australia, Burma, Malaysia, Romania and Sweden. There are penalties applied once you are in possession of the herb Kratom. Although it is found to be legal in some countries like the United States and most of the European countries, one has to be cautious in using the herb in wherever country he is in. It will depend on how they manufacture the herb as it should pass a lot of approval. Be it in pure form or in beverage form, One should still be vigilant.

Lastly, there are risks in everything that we put into our bodies, be it oral or topical. It is studied that effects of Kratom are habit forming and can become quite obsessive especially when used on a daily basis. Health can be compromised and will have appalling effects. That is why with regards to herbs, always use them moderately. Kratom has beneficial and at the same time harmful effects. Like all other herbs, one may work for another and one may not.